Bicycle Gargage workshop is second to none. Our workshop has the full range of bicycle service tools to complete even the most challenging of mechanical tasks.


Bicycle Gargage professional mechanics pride themselves in keeping all your components in perfect running condition so that every ride is an enjoyable experience.


Our top priority is to service your bicycle and ensure that you keep coming back as a repeat customer, year on year. To this end we guarantee our fits, products, and service to be the absolute best.


The aim is to “turn around” your bike in the least possible time for you, in the best condition possible.  Please Call Today 07486966464


full bike strip and rebuild

brakes and gears cleaning and adjustment (new rim brake pads included disc  brake pads paid extra)

wheel hubs and bottom bracket service

drivetrain cleaning

wheels truing

headset service

all screws and nuts tightening


brakes and gears cleaning and adjustment (new rim brake pads and cables included, disc brake pads paid extra)

drivetrain cleaning and oiling

all screws and nuts tightening

wheels truing

excessively dirty bikes will be charged extra for cleaning

head set or bottom bracket fitting or service not included and will be charged extra


brake service, new basic pads and cables fitted

new gear cables fitted and gears tuned

excessively dirty bikes will be charged extra for cleaning


  • Inner tube or tyre fitting charge £7 (tyre or innertube not included)

  • Inner tube replacement £12 (standard wheel)

  • Inner tube replacement £18 (wheel with internal gears or bike with full chain cover)

  • Front wheel hub service £12

  • Rear wheel hub service £15

  • Wheel truing from £10

  • New wheel fitting: front £5, rear £10


  • rim brakes service (new basic pads, new cables fitted) £30

  • Hydraulic brake bleeding from £20 (each)

  • Brake cables fitting from £15 (including new cables)

  • Rim brake pads fitting charge £5 (front or rear excluding pads)

  • Disc brake pads replacement £10 (front or rear excluding pads)


  • Gear service (new gear cables fitting and tuning) £30

  • Front or rear derailleur installation £15

  • Shifter installation charge £15

  • Gears tuning £15


  • Bottom Bracket fitting £20

  • Cap bottom bracket service £20

  • Chain fitting £7

  • Chainset installation charge £15

  • Cassette and chain fitting £17

  • Drivetrain cleaning and oiling from £10

  • Cassette/freewheel replacement charge £10


Adults bike - £25

Kids bike - £15

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